2019 EVENT Pricing

The pricing below may be referenced for estimate purposes. Actual cost will vary by project needs. If you have an idea of the details you'd like for your event, contact me for a more accurate quote.

Please note, pricing is for custom digital or hand lettering only and does not include materials.

Seating GUIDES

Place Cards starting at $1.00

Escort Cards starting at $1.50

Table Numbers starting at $5.00

Seating Charts starting at $150.00

Cards & Envelopes

Outer Envelope with Address starting at $2.50

Inner Envelope starting at $1.50

RSVP Envelope with Address starting at $2.50

Host Names on Pre-Printed Invitations starting at $3.00

Greeting Cards starting at $4.00


Welcome Signs starting at $75.00

Menu Signs starting at $100.00

Quote/Saying Signs starting at $30.00

Medium Tabletop 1-2 Word Signs (around 8"x10") starting at $15.00

Small Tabletop 1-2 Word Signs (smaller than 8"x10") starting at $10.00

Buffet Labels starting at $3.00


"Will you be my..." notes starting at $6.00

Gift Tags starting at $2.00

Gift Bags starting at $5.00

Wooden Hangers starting at $5.00


A custom word-based graphic for your event. Use for customizing details like postage stamps, return address labels, napkins, coaster, light projection, and more.

 Initials starting at $50.00

Last Name starting at $75.00

First Names starting at $100.00

*Custom lettering delivered as a digital file for you to reproduce for personal use


Saw something on Pinterest or have an idea in mind that isn't listed above? Contact me and let's figure out what's possible!


If you are interested in services intended for resale like custom pieces or digital files for reproduction, please contact me to discuss pricing.